Take Action for #LessIsMoreNY

Every year, thousands of people on parole are re-incarcerated in local jails and state prisons, not for new crimes, but for non-criminal technical violations-- like showing up late to a meeting with their parole officer, or missing a curfew.

The parole system in New York has become a major contributor to mass incarceration:

• There are approximately 35,000 people under active parole supervision in NYS.
• Of people on parole whom NY sent back to prison in 2016, over 6,300 or 65% were re-incarcerated for technical parole violations.
• As of the end of February 2019, there were over 700 people detained on Rikers for technical parole violations, up nearly 100 from December 2018.

Re-incarcerating people for technical violations disrupts their reentry process, undermines public safety, squanders taxpayer dollars, and violates the very human rights New Yorkers are proud to defend.

We can safely and effectively reduce the number of persons detained for violating parole both at the state level and in jails throughout New York. The time to fix New York's antiquated parole system by passing #LessIsMoreNY is now.

Use the form on the right to urge your State Representatives to take immediate action to overhaul New York's parole system through the passage of the Less Is More: Community Supervision Revocation Reform Act (S.1343b—Benjamin/ A.5493a—Mosley)