Steven Powers

Apprentice Community Organizer

Steven-Powers.jpgSteven Powers is an apprentice community organizer for the Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice. Steven has organized around issues of mass incarceration and immigration for the last 4 years in New York City. Being from Texas, Steven has developed a life-long commitment to understanding and combating mass incarceration and its intersection with carceral border policy: a purpose he picked up from sharing county cells and holding tanks with migrant workers throughout his adolescence. Steven’s experience with the prison system as a juvenile shaped his view of his own relationship to freedom after being charged with two felony convictions one month before becoming a legal adult, narrowly avoiding an 8 year adult sentence with juvenile time and parole.

Steven previously worked as a Spanish and French interpreter for Haitian and Central/South American detainees for Families For Freedom, and also fundraised for the survival of the I.C.E. hotline and trainings. Steven has also worked with abolition groups such as Critical Resistance NYC facilitating abolition workshops, teach ins, and letter writing campaigns to provide incarcerated people with organizing materials and moral support. Steven has also participated in direct action services for queer and gender non-binary inmates to insure their consistent medical and mental health attention with the Prison and Theory Workshop. Steven is a recent graduate of Stony Brook University’s Philosophy M.A. program where he focused on Genocide and Trauma studies. Currently Steven is publishing essays on structural white supremacy and settler colonialism with Latinx Spaces, and essays on masculinity construction in Juvenile detention and County Jail for Aeon Magazine.

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