Research Department

The Katal Research Department’s primary focus is to provide meaningful research at the community-level, recognizing and respecting the diversity of stakeholders, so organizers can build social justice campaigns in real time that are more efficient and effective, and ultimately, more cost effective. This is accomplished through rigorous application of both quantitative and qualitative research paradigms. Simply put, quantitative methods numerically measure and generalize results to a population of interest, while qualitative research provides meaning and understanding to those results. We find these methods to be fundamentally complimentary in providing numbers with context and stakeholders with voices.

The Katal Research Department has three interrelated goals:

  • Develop and implement a rigorous hybrid research methodology;
  • Equip advocacy campaigns with community-oriented, data-driven analyses on the issues most likely to promote fundamental and structural transformation;
  • Ensure a future of research literacy in the next generation of social justice leaders, with a special emphasis on those who were formerly incarcerated or otherwise directly impacted.


Our Research Priorities and Programs

  • Local, on-the-ground research
  • Prison and Jail Closures
  • Repurposing Closed Correctional Facilities
  • Research to Resist Prison and Jail Expansion
  • Pathways to Advocacy Program – a unique effort to equip grassroots organizations with urgently-needed mission specific research capacity while simultaneously training the next generation of system impacted social justice researchers and advocates.