Statement from Advocates and Communities Regarding Senate Bail Reform Proposal in "Big Ugly" Bill S9097

This weekend, the Senate Republicans released a "Big Ugly" bill—S9097—which includes a proposal to “reform” bail practices in New York. This proposal disregards the need for bold and sweeping bail reform that will drastically reduce pretrial detention across the state and end disparities in our jails.

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For Immediate Release

Tuesday, 6.12.2018

For inquiries, contact: gabriel sayegh,

(New York): Today, the New York State Assembly took a bold step towards making our criminal justice system fairer by passing bail reform bill A10137A, sponsored by Assemblywoman Latrice Walker. This comprehensive bill will address and rectify the wealth-and race-based disparities that plague our criminal justice system, while simultaneously restoring fairness and equality to a system that routinely punishes poor and vulnerable New Yorkers.

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Katal Applauds New York District Attorneys for Joining Calls to End the Overuse of Probation and Parole

As the Chorus of Voices Seeking Reform Grows, Katal Urges State Leaders to Implement Legislative Reforms that will Restructure the Parole and Probation System

Assemblyman Mosley Announces Intention to Introduce Legislation that Addresses Parole

Albany, NY – On May 17th, three New York District Attorneys joined twenty-eight other elected District Attorneys from across the Country calling for an end to the overuse of probation and parole. Currently there are nearly 5 million Americans on probation and parole, a “community supervision” system that is a major driver of mass incarceration in this country. These prosecutors join more than 70 other prominent law enforcement, criminal justice, probation and parole leaders as well as organizations who have also joined the Statement, which is managed by the Justice Lab at Columbia University.

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Release: CT Legislature Passes SB 13, Fair Treatment of Incarcerated Women and Transgender People

Bill Breaks New Ground for Rights of Women and Transgender People Who are Incarcerated in Connecticut

HARTFORD: Yesterday, the CT House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 13: An Act Concerning Fair Treatment of Incarcerated Women. The bill, supported by Governor Malloy who is expected to sign, establishes a range of rules and reforms intended to protect the dignity and safety of incarcerated women and transgender people, and their families. Changes include: strengthening visitation policies for all prisoners with children under age 18; permitting specific privacy-related parameters for staff of the opposite gender regarding certain people; developing and implementing a policy regarding the safety and protection of transgender inmates; and requires DOC to provide imprisoned female and pregnant prisoners with feminine hygiene products free of charge.

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Statement on Governor Cuomo Restoring Voting Rights to People Under Parole Supervision

Statement from Marie Ndiaye, Senior Policy Manager, Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice

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Statement on the New York State Assembly Passing Kalief's Law

Statement from gabriel sayegh, Co-Founder & Co-Director, Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice

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Community Leaders, Advocates Urge Legislators and Governor to Fix Broken Bail System in NYS Budget

Criminal Justice Reform Advocates Join Law Enforcement, Faith Leaders, Public Defenders and Families of Kalief Browder and Pedro Hernandez to Address Biased Policies Targeting Low-Income New Yorkers and People of Color

New York, NY  - Yesterday, criminal justice reform advocates joined the families of Kalief Browder and Pedro Hernandez, law enforcement and faith leaders from across New York for the launch of a high six-figure statewide advocacy, public education and media campaign, led by Bail Reform NY, to build legislative support for comprehensive bail reform. Bail reform along with speedy trial and discovery reform, are currently being debated as part of the state budget process and represent important opportunities to improve our criminal justice system for all New Yorkers, regardless of wealth or race. In fact, the Governor and Assembly have made it clear that this is a priority and the Senate has signaled receptiveness, showing these changes have strong bipartisan voter support. 

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Statement On Important Steps Forward to Advance the Process of Closing Rikers Island

Statement from gabriel sayegh, Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director, Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice

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Statement by Criminal Justice Reform Groups Across New York

The governor's commitment to criminal justice reform is welcomed and needed. At his 2018 State of the State Address, the governor said, "Race and wealth should not be factors in our criminal justice system.” We wholeheartedly agree with the governor on this point and believe achieving this goal is an urgent priority for New York.

However, we have deep concerns about many of the details in the governor's current criminal justice reform package.

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Statement by Community and Advocacy Groups on Gov Cuomo's 2018 Criminal Justice Reform Proposal


Advocacy Groups from Across the State Applaud Governor Cuomo’s Focus on Reforming New York's Broken Criminal Justice System 

These Proposals – if Appropriately Written into Law – have the Potential to Dramatically Reduce New York’s Jail Population Across the State 

Community & Advocacy Groups Look Forward to Working with this Administration to Define and Implement these Proposals

Albany, NY: Today, in his 2018 State of the State Address, the Governor outlined his plan to reform a broken criminal justice system in New York, with a particular focus on reforming pretrial practices across the state.

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