New York Officials & Community Organizations Call for Passage of the Less Is More Act

Officials and Groups Supporting

Less is More: Community Supervision Revocation Reform Act

(S.1343B - Benjamin / A.5493A - Mosley)



List in Formation – current as of October 23, 2019 12:00 p.m.


District Attorneys:

  • Eric Gonzalez, Kings County District Attorney
  • David Soares, Albany County District Attorney
  • Cy Vance, New York County District Attorney
  • Darcel Clark, Bronx County District Attorney
  • Matthew Van Houten, Tompkins County District Attorney



  • Jonathan Lippman, Former Chief Justice of the State of New York


Sheriffs and Police

  • Craig Apple, Albany County Sheriff
  • Derek Osborne, Tompkins County Sheriff
  • Peter Volkman, Village of Chatham Police Chief
  • Brendan Cox, former Albany Police Chief
  • Corey Pegues, Deputy Inspector (Retired), New York Police Department
  • Joanne Naughton, Lieutenant (Retired), New York Police Department


Corrections, Parole, and Probation Commissioners

  • Michael Jacobson, former NYC Commissioner of Correction, former NYC Commissioner of Probation
  • James Payne, former NYC Commissioner of Probation
  • Vincent Schiraldi, former NYC Commissioner of Probation
  • Vanda Seward, former Statewide Director of Reentry Services for the New York State Division of Parole


Attorneys General

  • Karol Mason, former U.S. Assistant Attorney General and President of John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Robin Baker, former New York Executive Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Justice


NY County Officials 

  • Martha Robertson, Chair, Tompkins County Legislature
  • Shawna Black, Vice Chair, Tompkins County Legislature
  • Richard John, Chair, Tompkins County Legislature Public Safety Committee
  • Amanda Champion, Tompkins County Legislator
  • Deborah Dawson, Tompkins County Legislator
  • Henry Granison, Tompkins County Legislator
  • Rick John, Tomkins County Legislator
  • Anna Kellers, Tompkins County Legislator
  • Anne Korman, Tompkins County Legislator
  • Mike Lane, Tompkins County Legislator
  • David McKenna, Tompkins County Legislator
  • David Sanders, Tompkins County Criminal Justice Coordinator
  • Lance Salisbury, Director, Tompkins County Assigned Counsel Program


Organizations (listed alphabetically):

  1. Alliance of Families for Justice (statewide)
  2. Antioch Baptist Church (Harlem)
  3. Association of Legal Aid Attorneys (UAW Local 2325)
  4. Auburn Seminary (NYC)
  5. Black Lives Matter - Syracuse
  6. Black Public Relations Society-New York, Inc
  7. Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
  8. Brooklyn Defenders
  9. Bronx Clergy Criminal Justice Roundtable Inc.
  10. Bronx Christian Fellowship Church
  11. Bronx Defenders
  12. Brownsville Think Tank Matters Inc.
  13. Candles for Clemency
  14. Can't Buy Respect Agency, LLC (NYC/Los Angeles)
  15. Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES)
  16. Center for Community Alternatives (statewide)
  17. Center for Employment Opportunities (national)
  18. Center for Law and Justice (Albany)
  19. Center for NuLeadership (NYC)
  20. Central New York Solidarity Coalition
  21. Circle for Justice Innovations (CJI Fund - national)
  22. Citizens Against Recidivism (statewide)
  23. College and Community Fellowship (statewide, national)
  24. Community Service Society
  25. Correctional Association of New York (statewide)
  26. Democratic Socialists of America – Syracuse chapter
  27. Drug Policy Alliance (statewide, national)
  28. Doe Fund (NYC)
  29. Educate Don't Incarcerate, LLC (NYC)
  30. Exodus Transitional Community (NYC)
  31. Exponents (NYC)
  32. Fair and Just Prosecution (national)
  33. Fines and Fees Justice Center (statewide)
  34. First Corinthian Baptist Church (Harlem)
  35. Fortune Society (NYC)
  36. Friends of Island Academy (NYC)
  37. Friends of Recovery (FOR) NY
  38. (national)
  39. Getting Out Staying Out (NYC)
  40. Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood
  41. Greenburger Center (statewide)
  42. O.L.L.A. (Brooklyn)
  43. Immanual & First Spanish Church
  44. Incarcerated Nation (NYC)
  45. Incorrigibles (national)
  46. Institute for the Black World (statewide, national)
  47. It Could Happen to You (statewide)
  48. Jail Ministry – Syracuse
  49. Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club (Manhattan)
  50. JustLeadershipUSA (NY, National)
  51. Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice (NYC, Albany, Hudson)
  52. Kite's Nest (Hudson)
  53. Law Enforcement Action Partnership (national)
  54. Legal Action Center (NY, national)
  55. Legal Aid Society (NYC)
  56. LIFE Camp, Inc. (Queens)
  57. New York State Association of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers (ASAP)
  58. New York State Association of Counties
  59. New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  60. New York State Defenders Association
  61. New York City Clergy Roundtable
  62. New York Civil Liberties Union
  63. NewYork State Council of Churches
  64. NY Justice League
  65. Office of the Appellate Defender (NYC)
  66. Opportunities, Alternatives & Resources (Tompkins County)
  67. Osborne Association (NYC)
  68. Our Wellness Collective (Capitol Region)
  69. Partnership for the Public Good (Buffalo)
  70. Peaceprints of Western New York
  71. Plymouth Church (Brooklyn)
  72. Recess (Brooklyn)
  73. ReEntry Columbia (Hudson)
  74. REFORM Alliance (National)
  75. Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights
  76. Sankofa (national)
  77. Second Chance Reentry, Inc (Nassau)
  78. St. Luke Baptist Church (Harlem
  79. St. Matthews Baptist Church (Harlem)
  80. STEPS to End Family Violence - Rising Ground(NYC)
  81. Syracuse Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network
  82. Syracuse Peace Council
  83. Trellis Community Development (Brooklyn)
  84. Truth Pharm (Binghamton)
  85. Unchained (Syracuse)
  86. United Christian Leadership Ministry (UCLM) of Western New York, Inc.
  87. United Voices of Cortland
  88. Voices of Community Activists and Leaders (VOCAL-NY)
  89. Witness to Mass Incarceration (NYC)
  90. Workers’ Center of Central New York


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