Find Your General Assembly Members in Connecticut

One of the easiest ways to effect real change within Connecticut and support the work being done by community groups, including Katal, across the state fighting tirelessly for equity and racial justice, is to be civically engaged. One form of civic engagement is contacting lawmakers directly via email and social media to demand laws are passed or changed, and issues are addressed.

Once you have learned about your legislators, support Katal’s work to end mass incarceration and the drug war in Connecticut by taking our #FreeThemNowCT online action to contact CT lawmakers directly via email and twitter to demand they pass legislation to release people from jails and prisons to save lives amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Find Your General Assembly Members

On this page, you can easily find out who your elected officials are at the local and state level. Local and state elected officials (also called “electeds” are responsible for creating the policies and laws that best represent the interest of their constituents (YOU!). Using the tool you can find the names and contact information for the Governor, your House Member, your Senate Member, your Mayor, County officials, and local City Council Members.

To use this tool, enter your name, email, and address information in the search bar, click the find button, and your elected officials will pop up along with contact options to connect with them all -- including their Twitter handles (if they have one).