For too long, communities of color in Connecticut – especially Black and Latino people – have been impacted by systemic racism, mass criminalization, and mass incarceration. The government is spending millions every year to arrest and lock people up – disproportionately people of color --  while failing to invest enough into the basic needs of every community in our state – housing, healthcare, education, jobs.  The  state department with the most staff in Connecticut is the Department of Corrections, which has, for instance, twice as many staff as the Department of Transportation. And since 2017, Connecticut’s prison population has dropped by 5,000, but no prisons have been shut down during this period, costing taxpayers millions. 

It’s time to cut, shut, invest

  • Cut the number of people held in jails and prisons. Cut the number of people on probation and parole. Cut correctional staff. Cut the amount of funding for departments of corrections, prosecutors, and police.
  • Shut jails and prisons down.
  • Invest in the communities most harmed by systemic racism and mass incarceration, supporting real community needs: housing, education, health care, and other support and services.

In the 2021 legislative session, Governor Lamont and the state legislature must pass bills to further cut correctional populations in Connecticut, shut down prisons, and invest in communities. Read our press release from our call to the Governor and legislative leaders on the first day of the 2021 Legislative Session here. #CutShutINVEST.