Community-Based Pre-Arrest Diversion Call

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Goals for the monthly Community-Based Pre-Arrest Diversion call:

  • Sharing ideas, lessons, and practical tools for community groups working to establish community based diversion programs rooted in health and racial equity
  • Improving municipal based public safety strategies through public health services, harm reduction, and public education
  • Connecting community groups across the with their peers working develop, implement, and sustain accountability in pre-arrest and other diversion projects

About the Monthly Calls: 

Today, many different types of pre-arrest diversion programs and practices are proliferating across the U.S.; community groups and leaders have wildly different experiences and levels of engagement in the development, implementation of, and accountability for such projects. Sometimes, community groups are involved in such efforts. Increasingly, city agencies and police departments are launching diversion efforts with little or no meaningful input from community groups and directly impacted people. Many programs are being called “diversion” but do nothing to address the problems of mass incarceration, mass criminalization, or institutionalized racism.

The monthly calls are a place for community groups to engage, learn, and grow together. If you are seeking technical support for developing a pre-arrest diversion program in your community, or want to learn about how other community groups are organizing around diversion, please join us!

May 15, 2019 at 3:00pm - 4pm
Keith Brown ·