Bail Reform Action

New Yorkers are being harmed by wealth-based detention. Tell Albany: The time for bail reform is NOW.

Check out all our bail reform videos below!

New Yorkers value fairness, justice, and equal opportunity. But our broken justice system is undermining these values. There are over 25,000 people detained in local jails across New York State on any given day; nearly 70% are being detained pretrial. This means they have not been convicted—they have only been charged with a crime, are presumed innocent, and are awaiting their day in court. Most are detained in jail pretrial simply because they cannot afford to pay cash bail. This practice harms communities, particularly communities of color, who are disproportionately targeted by current practices. No one should be held in jail simply because they cannot afford to buy their freedom.

New York can fix this crisis -- if lawmakers take action before June 20, when the legislative session ends. 

Tell lawmakers in Albany it’s time for bail reform. Use the form on the right to take action now -- and watch our videos below. 





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