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Community-based diversion to improve public safety and reducing unnecessary justice system involvement.More information

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The Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice is a growing team of professionals with decades of collective experience in community organizing, policy advocacy, strategy development, training, political campaigns and communications.

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The Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice is a new organization with big ideas and bold, visionary goals...

Together we developed a feasible policy plan for the city to reduce the jail population from 8,000 to about 4,000, and to then move the remaining 4,000 to centers across the city. We are now building the political will to make it happen.

Katal is helping train the organizers at JustLeadershipUSA, who is in turn engaging residents and community groups in each of the five boroughs. We have more than 70 organizations signed on to our coalition so far. The ground-up pressure we built spurred Mayor de Blasio to implement one of the first points in our plan: to remove all 16 and 17 year-old children from Rikers – and he committed $170 million to the process. We also convinced the New York City Council to create a commission to examine Rikers and other aspects of the criminal justice system. They appointed the head of JustLeadershipUSA to serve on it.

Learn about our work by visiting #CLOSErikers. 


Katal spearheaded the effort to establish Albany’s LEAD program, in partnership with the Albany Police Department, the Mayor’s office, other agencies, and community groups.

Katal is providing technical assistance to the city as LEAD evolves and is facilitating the community leadership team so that people most impacted have a say in the program. We’re also working to replicate LEAD across New York, holding up Albany as a model. We’re currently engaging stakeholders to varying degrees in Binghamton, Buffalo, Hudson, Rochester, Syracuse, and more. And we’re promoting LEAD as the kind of program that New York City can implement to reduce its jail population and take another step toward closing Rikers. 

Learn more by visiting

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